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Get practical guidance on how to measure office utilisation and optimise space occupancy.

“I can check occupancy of every desk and meeting room by floor, by community, by day, and by time. Stats are represented visually, and they’re easy to understand.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Shaping the future of your workplace ebook

Get practical guidance on how to leverage space occupancy or booking software to make data driven decisions on your real estate or workplace strategy.

Explore use cases, get benchmarks metrics and how to build a bank of data to monitor trends and patterns of usage to make evidence based decisions on

OpenSensors - Return to work report - Front cover

Return to work report

Download the report for key insights on how organisations are preparing for new ways of working, implications for real estate and workplace strategies and how companies are managing space requirements and employee needs.

We’ve collated 1067 global responses to understand what impacts the pandemic has had on the future of work and the implications to businesses.

OpenSensors - Creating a data lead workplace strategy - Infographic 2021

Creating a data led workplace strategy

87% of those surveyed want the option to work remotely

Explore how the pandemic has influenced how the workplace will evolve the impact this will have on businesses.

OpenSensors - The office return is happening. Are you ready Infographic 2021

The office return is happening. Are you ready?

4 in 5 have people back in the office

Here are some of the key findings from our Return to work survey of over 1000+ responses Apr-May 2021.

Office building reopen checklist during COVID

Do you know what you need to do to prepare your office buildings to open?

Or how to ensure the safety and health of your workforce? Here is a checklist to get you started to reopen your workplace.

OpenSensors - Where to get started to plan office reopening

Where to get started with office reopening plans

Recognising the aftermath of COVID19 will change the workplace as we know it, means businesses need to start preparing agile return to work plans now.

Anticipate uncertainty for another 12 to 18 months until a vaccine is produced, but it’s all the more reason to stay proactive and prepared. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

OpenSensors - How to measure workspace occupancy best practice guide

How to measure workplace occupancy

Explore the key buying decisions and types of occupancy sensors that’s right for your workplace optimisation projects and use cases.

We’ve partnered with SemTech, leading provider of LoRa® technology to give you practical guidance on how to optimise workspace utilisation.

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