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Get practical guidance on how to measure office utilisation and optimise space occupancy.

Here’s a host of resources to help you understand how to measure office utilisation and space occupancy, in order to optimise your workplace to create an agile hybrid work environment.


Explore how to leverage space occupancy or booking software to make data driven decisions on your real estate or workplace strategy.


Get key insights on how organisations are managing space requirements and the implications for real estate and workplace strategies.


Download the checklist to prepare your office buildings as employees return to the office. Ensure the safety, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

“I can check occupancy of every desk and meeting room by floor, by community, by day, and by time. Stats are represented visually, and they’re easy to understand.”

Facilities Manager – Perfumery & Fragrance

Rating: 5 out of 5.


88% are changing office layout. Get key insights how others are preparing for office reopens.


Explore how the pandemic has influenced how the workplace will evolve, and how businesses will need to adapt.


Here’s how you can start to create an agile work environment as the workplace continues to evolve and employees return to the office.

OpenSensors - How to measure workspace occupancy best practice guide

How to measure workplace occupancy

Explore the key buying decisions and types of occupancy sensors that’s right for your workplace optimisation projects and use cases.

We’ve partnered with SemTech, leading provider of LoRa® technology to give you practical guidance on how to optimise workspace utilisation.

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