Why sensors are replacing manual surveys

Explore how data can be used to enable accurate planning, provide better control over budgets and costs as well as benchmark success.

How to make data driven decisions to optimise desk utilisation

The growing demand for occupancy data and evidence based insight to redesign workspaces has led to a growing need for facilities and corporate real estate teams to be able to provide information quickly and objectively.

Many companies are moving away from the traditional methods of gathering occupancy and utilisation data and automating this process so they can have immediate information at hand.

There are 4 key occupancy sensors available on the market depending on what type of data you want to measure. They’re inexpensive to install and maintain as well as give you key information to:

  • Better manage space capacity with a growing workforce
  • Maximise building occupancy and prove value to the business
  • Find smarter ways to lower resource and operational costs
  • Demonstrate return on investment
  • Understand the impacts of environmental factors to wellness

Learning outcomes

  • Minimises resources and hidden costs
  • Higher sampling rates and accurate data
  • On demand and real time data
  • Influence strategic direction on space utilisation
<strong>Daniel Hummelsund</strong>
Daniel Hummelsund

Business Operations Manager at OpenSensors

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