The workplace today and beyond COVID19

Explore how to get started to prepare your next steps to foster resilience in your workplace strategy and adapt to a new blended way of working.

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Why plan now and beyond COVID19

How we work is evolving and will have significant influence on unlocking how the workplace will function and change in the future. As more people return to the office, now is the prime time to shape your workplace strategy and manage people returning to the office.

The workplace needs to have additional safety and wellbeing considerations as well as serve as a connected hub that facilitates collaboration, innovation and productivity. But to build this vision, you first need to define your workplace journey.

The workplace today and beyond COVID19

In this video, Louis Lhoest, Managing partner of Veldhoen and Lucy Fox, VP at OpenSensors, respond to questions on how the workplace is evolving, the role activity based working and workplace data play to help businesses prepare their next steps.

Learning outcomes

  • Why planning beyond COVID19 is critical to long term success
  • Key elements to factor into your workplace plans that foster resilience
  • How activity based working may help facilitate a new way of working
  • How workplace data can be used to efficiently manage the day to day building operations and your workplace plans

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Creating a resilient workplace strategy and beyond COVID19

Louis Lhoest
Louis Lhoest

Managing Partner of Veldhoen + Company International

Lucy Fox
Lucy Fox

VP at OpenSensors

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