Episode 1: The rise of hybrid work

Hear from workplace experts at Savills, PTHR and Workplace Strategist Chris Kane, on key factors driving the rise of hybrid work models, and what this means for businesses.

Are you prepared for the shift to hybrid working?

Hear from workplace experts on how companies are responding to hybrid work challenges and the implications on the office and employee behaviour.

  • Guidance on how to prepare for office changes
  • Understand the role of data in managing complex spaces
  • The impact of hybrid working on people, space and culture
  • Balancing priorities against emerging challenges
45 mins viewing time [full episode]


Chris Moriarty
Chris Moriarty

Workplace Commentator

Dan Gardner
Dan Gardner

Workplace Strategist at Savills

Chris Kane
Chris Kane

Workplace Strategists and author

Megan Phelps
Megan Phelps

Head of OD & Bus. transformation PTHR

Chapters – watch the episode in bitesize

P1 Has changes accelerated adoption?
P2 Are companies taking a holistic approach to change? [2.52mins]
P3 How hybrid has impacted recruitment, talent & culture [6.27mins]
P4 The interconnection between people, space and culture [5.06mins]
P5 Climate change & digitisation drivers impacting space UX [4.12mins]
P6 The importance of corporate culture and space [5.18mins]
P7 Impacts of space, people & culture on commercial real estate [3.22mins]
P8 Optimising the office experience and balancing space usage [3.12mins]
P9 Change is coming. Are companies prepared?[4.34mins]

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