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A new balance between Working from home and working at the office that will re-shape what our office needs to look like

When businesses return to the workplace, there will be a blend of working remotely,  at the office and changes in work patterns. This will make it a necessity for organisations to re-think their way of working and how the office space needs to be reconfigured to accommodate these changes.

Businesses who adopted an agile or activity based working approach saw a smoother transition to operate remotely when the world went into lockdown and now others are taking note on how to integrate a new way of working into their business continuity plans. 

Re-evaluating the function of your real estate

The pandemic has forced businesses to re-evaluate the function and need of their office real estate, the use of technology and the leadership and collaboration style(s). Businesses need to plan ahead when social distancing ends. 

Key considerations include defining why we will go into the office and which activities it should support. Building a way of working and office space that is resilient to help us quickly and permanently adapt, will become business critical.

How will you prepare your business for the future?

Contact tracing, remote desk/room booking, self cleaning and lower building occupancy may become the norm enabling these new ways of working. How will you prepare your business for the future?  

Join us in this webinar with Louis Lhoest, Managing partner  of Veldhoen + Company International for insights and key considerations on preparing your next step as the workplace evolves.

Join us in this webinar to learn

  • 5 key post COVID drivers influencing how the workplace will evolve
  • Key considerations when re-evaluating your property strategy
  • Future proofing the workplace to react quicker to state crisis 
  • Practical guidance in your next steps to reconfigure the workplace
  • Make data driven decisions using workplace utilisation data 

Save your seat

22 Oct 2020

4pm BST | 10am CST | 11am EST | 8am PDT | 30min

About Louis Lhoest

Louis has over 20 years of experience helping organisations revolutionise new ways of working and is renowned for his expertise in carving the way forward for the future of the workplace.

He combines a strategic and holistic approach with innovation to demonstrate how the way we work and the environment we work in, can contribute significantly to business success. With a global portfolio of customers, Louis and his team has helped many organisations transform their workplace into an agile or activity based working environment, bringing them into the digital era. 

Can’t make it?

Don’t worry – sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording after the event. 

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