Shaping the future of your workplace

Best practice guide on creating a data led workplace strategy

Explore how to leverage space occupancy or booking software to make data-driven decisions on your real estate or workplace strategy.

As employees make a return to the office following COVID19 lockdown restrictions, companies are forced to re-evaluate old ways of operations. The office needs to evolve due to health protocols and emerging work trends that are here to stay. In order to craft fitting and resilient workplace and real estate strategies, HR, Facilities and Leadership teams are turning to data to provide answers for a growing number of questions.

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Table Of Contents

  • Message from Yodit Stanton, CEO & Founder at OpenSensors
  • Executive summary
  • Evolution of the workplace
  • Use cases and how our solutions help
  • Hybrid working is here to stay
  • How to leverage workplace data
  • What technology can offer
  • About OpenSensors

“Now is the start of a new era of the data-driven office to help companies and employees find the right setup and balance.”

Yodit Stanton – CEO & Founder of OpenSensors
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