How the workplace will evolve

Explore key findings from our Return to work survey and see what impacts the pandemic has had on the future of work and the implications for businesses.

86% want more flexible work options

We’ve collated 1067 global responses to understand what impacts the pandemic has had on the future of work and the implications to businesses, in order to help companies navigate the journey to new ways of working.

In this video, Yodit Stanton, CEO of OpenSensors, and Emma Dutton of Leopard Learning examine the findings of our recent Return to work survey, sharing their insights and predictions on how the workplace will need to evolve.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand changes in employee priorities and what this means for the workplace
  • Clarify where responsibility for employee safety lies and how best to safeguard it
  • How some businesses are managing space capacity and work rotations
  • The systems and tools expected to manage return to work processes

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27 mins viewing time
Emma Dutton
Emma Dutton

Leadership and People Development Consultant

Emma has over 20 years experience in delivering complex HR change programmes across multi-national organisations, within the IT and Telecommunications industries.

Yodit Stanton
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors

Yodit has over two decades of experience as a Data and Machine Learning Engineer, specialising in predictive modelling for real time systems and social network analysis.

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