Phases of return to work

Here are the phases businesses have gone through in returning employees to the office, with a focus on the challenges encountered and emerging solutions.

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It’s more important than ever before to use data to make evidence based decisions in your strategies

Across the globe organisations are rethinking their real estate and workplace strategy – 87% of executives expect to make changes to their real estate strategy within the coming year. Already, APAC businesses have successfully coupled remote working technologies with hybrid work models to meet new social distancing guidelines.

This trend is likely to continue as increasingly large numbers of employees reach their remote work limit, and businesses should be preparing for this. Workplace occupancy can be expected to rise further, with people desiring to be in the office for at least 2-3 days a week.

In the United States, 75% of executives anticipate that at least 50% of employees will be back on site by July 2021. However, the nature of the office will have to change in order to accommodate emerging flexible work styles.

Level up with occupancy and booking insights

Maintaining social distancing, allocating workspaces, cleaning and scheduling work rotations as occupancy rates increased put a huge strain on organisations. To ensure employee safety, organisations need a way to monitor and manage who, how and when people were in the office.

Using space occupancy sensors and leveraging the data gathered from this is the quickest way to oversee how office buildings are used. You can see in real time who is occupying which workspace and manage social distancing occupancy limits efficiently.

As well as this, environmental sensors can help gather data on temperature, CO2 and humidity levels in order for you to monitor the air quality in buildings and control how much fresh air is circulated to ensure the safety of employees.

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Phases of return to work

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