Optimise hybrid work policies with workplace data

Explore how to leverage space occupancy or booking data to make evidence based decisions, manage work rotations and plan hybrid work policies.

30 min viewing time

Creating a data led workplace strategy

Workplace data is fast becoming a top priority for senior business leaders looking to understand the future of the workplace. This data will enable HR and Senior Leadership teams to safely return employees to the office by making evidence based decisions regarding space limitations and work rotations. 

Leveraging workplace technologies, such as occupancy or booking solutions, will enable businesses to navigate and support office returns, instil confidence in the workforce and enable teams to fine tune the physical workplace and surrounding policies to meet the needs of employees.

In this video, Louis Lhoest, Managing partner of Veldhoen + Company International and Lucy Fox, VP at OpenSensors, demonstrate how workplace data can help you prepare your next step as the workplace evolves.

Learning outcomes

  • Tips on how to make evidence based decisions when planning workplace policies
  • How senior leadership teams will benefit from workplace insights when managing hybrid environments
  • How businesses are managing space capacity and planning work rotations
  • Understand why workplace data is becoming more important than ever before
Louis Lhoest
Louis Lhoest

Managing Partner of Veldhoen + Company International

Lucy Fox
Lucy Fox

VP at OpenSensors

Webinar presentation deck

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