Room utilisation vs. real time occupancy

Monitor meeting room occupancy and utilisation rates to improve space planning across buildings, floors and departments.

How to understand if large meeting rooms are underutilised

‘95% of the time meeting rooms are fully booked but 38% are generally no shows’

Automating the data capture of occupancy and utilisation rates provides real estate and facility managers factual evidence on how meeting spaces are actually utilised.

Understanding what rooms are most vs. least popular can help you make evidence based decisions on your workplace change programs.

In this 60sec video, we demonstrate how easy it is to measure and monitor meeting rooms utilisation as well as interpret these into actionable changes.

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  • 24 hour access to data on how your meeting rooms are being used
  • Build up a bank of data and see how meeting rooms are currently utilised
  • Integrate this data with a room booking tool to release rooms if they are not in use

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