Compare utilisation rates by asset type

Make direct comparisons of meeting room utilisation by tagging assets to get a realistic view of how your meeting rooms are used.

Discover trends between meeting rooms by tagging assets in your workspace   

Tagging meeting rooms will make it simple for you to make direct comparisons in your workplace. This will help you to identify which meeting rooms and on what days are used the most. This data can be used to make evidence based changes to improve work efficiency. 

Take a look how easy it is to compare utilisation between two or more meeting rooms.

In this 60sec video, get insight on

  • Average utilisation – Get a quick insight on how often meeting rooms are occupied
  • Utilisation by day of week – Discover which meeting or conference room in your workplace is the most popular. Use this data to make changes in your workplace that will benefit employee productivity
  • Peak utilisation – Identify which meeting room are in demand the most by employees. Use this data to modify the least popular rooms to meet employee demand
David Attwell Thomas
David Attwell Thomas

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