Leveraging workplace data in facilities and real estate planning

Gain insights into the various ways workplace data can be leveraged by HR, Facilities and Real Estate teams in short and long term plan to optimise space usage.

24 min viewing time

What can you do to remove the guesswork from building management?

The rise of the hybrid working environment has shortened the planning cycle for Facilities and Corporate Real Estate teams, and it is more important than ever that space is used appropriately.

A birds eye view of occupancy levels and demands on space removes the guesswork from lease negotiations, and empowers teams to get the most out of existing workplaces as under-utilised areas are easily identified and repurposed. 

In this video Yodit Stanton, CEO of OpenSensors, examines various ways teams can use workplace data in their long and short term planning whilst optimising daily operational processes in building management.

Learning outcomes

  • Guidance on how to prepare for office changes now and in the future
  • Understand the role of data in managing complex spaces
  • Advice on negotiating real estate expansions and reductions
  • Insights into the role of occupancy data in avoiding costly and unnecessary portfolio growth

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Yodit Stanton
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors
Yodit has over two decades of experience as a Data and Machine Learning Engineer, specialising in predictive modelling for real time systems and social network analysis.

Webinar presentation deck

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