How to leverage data to facilitate office reopening

Explore what data you can leverage to manage office reopening plans after COVID.

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Use data to efficiently manage social distancing in the workplace

As many organisations start to reopen their offices and stagger employees back to work, leveraging office utilisation and environmental data is going to be key to efficiently manage this. 

40%-60% is the humidity level indicated by early research to contain COVID19, but on average most organisations are at 35%. Whilst more research is yet to validate this, how are you measuring air quality in your offices to maintain a safe and healthy standard for your employees to return?

Gathering workspace utilisation data through sensors, including desk usage and footfall can help you ensure social distancing guidelines are followed, understand how teams are adapting to the new office layout, as well as efficiently manage cleaning regimes.

In this video, we share how you can leverage data to aid in your office reopen plans.

Learning outcomes

  1. What data you can leverage to manage office reopens 
  2. Practical guidance on how to interrupt data into actionable changes 
  3. Explore use cases and what data is gathered through sensors

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Leveraging data to aid office reopening

Yodit Stanton
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors

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