How to leverage indoor air quality data to minimise the spread of COVID19

Find out how indoor air quality is critical to minimising the spread of COVID19 and why it’s important to keep monitoring it.

What standards are you benchmarking to ensure a safe place to work in?

Recent research has indicated that air pollution could heighten the transmission of COVID19. It’s therefore critical that organisations monitor and manage the indoor air quality of office buildings as employees return to work.

As employees return to the office, monitoring indoor air quality should form part of deep cleaning plans and closely monitored to minimise the likely spread of COVID19.

Bruno Beloff, Co-founder of South Coast Science has over 30 years experience in electronic engineering and combines his Theoretical Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence background to help bridge the gap to provide a common digital front-end for electrochemical sensors and particulate monitors, together with an open infrastructure for air quality data.

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  • How to get a handle on air quality in your office buildings
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  • Understand the correct levels of humidity, CO2, and temperature to maintain in offices
  • How to minimise the risk of a virus spread
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