Key meeting room utilisation metrics

Deep dive into key occupancy and utilisation metrics for office meeting or conference rooms.

Explore key metrics to measure meeting or conference room utilisation rates

Automating the data gathering of room occupancy and utilisation rates will give you an accurate view of usage and lets you quickly spot trends over a period of time.

Whether you are moving to an activity based work environment or have a workplace redesign project in place, it’s important to first determine a baseline to benchmark the success of your projects.

Automating how you capture utilisation data is the quickest and least expensive way to do this and frees up real estate and facility teams to focus on strategic activities.

In this video we cover we cover the key meeting room metrics and use cases you need to consider and demonstrate how to interpret these into actionable changes.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to identify which metrics are central to specific use cases 
  • Enhance your understanding of departmental and team behaviours
  • Understand the impact room occupancy can have on employee productivity and real estate costs
  • Understand the physical impact data can have on meeting room spaces
David Attwell Thomas
David Attwell Thomas

Business Operations

Webinar presentation deck

Key meeting room utilisation metrics.pdf

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