How to leverage data to keep employees safe in the office

Learn about the link between occupancy and air quality levels and what air quality benchmarks are recommended to keep offices safe for employees.

How to use air quality data to reduce the risk of viral transmission

In this video, explore
  • Key indoor air quality benchmarks for organisations to aim for
  • The link between occupancy and IAQ levels and how to identify trends
  • How to leverage data to effect change in your workplace’s ventilation
  • Insights into the further benefits of prioritising safe IAQ levels

13.31 mins viewing time [full episode]

Chapters – watch the video in bitesize

P1 – Why indoor air quality matters
P2 – Critical air quality benchmarks you need to know
P3 – How to improve indoor air quality
P4 – How much fresh air is needed for each person?
P5 – How to gather indoor air quality data

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