How to measure desk utilisation

Get practical ways to gather and measure desk utilisation to increase person to desk ratios in the workplace.

How to make data driven decisions to optimise desk utilisation

Measure desk utilisation to understand which offices in your real estate portfolio are mostly used compared to those with lower usage. Use data to make evidence based workplace change decisions and strategies that allow you to work smarter and efficiently as well as:

  • Reduce real estate cost – Identify which office location use their desk space the least and reduce office size accordingly.
  • Accommodate new head count – Use occupancy data to quickly allocate space when needed and improve your space planning management process.
  • Real time data – 24 hour access to data on how desk space is used across your real estate portfolio.
  • Monitor trends – Build up a bank of data to identify patterns of usage. Understand your asset distribution and monitor utilisation by day of the week. 

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to get started to measure desk utilisation
  • Deep dive into utilisation metrics to monitor
  • Get practical tips to increase your person to desk ratio
<strong>Daniel Hummelsund</strong>
Daniel Hummelsund

Business Operations Manager at OpenSensors

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