How to manage your space to accomodate more people

Learn how occupancy data can be used to manage increasing occupancy rates as organisations grow.

Practical guidance on the steps you can take to manage growth without expanding real estate portfolios.

The role, purpose and usage of the workplace has shifted greatly since global lockdowns came to an end, placing future investments in corporate real estate into doubt.

Expanding companies are now looking for more cost efficient and environmentally friendly methods to facilitate growth within existing spaces.

In this 20 minute video we examine the steps companies can take and the data you can leverage to accommodate headcount growth without the need for expansion.

Watch to learn:

  • The importance of introducing data-driven person to asset ratios in the workplace 
  • The role of a booking tool in managing increases in headcount 
  • Understanding the key metrics to leverage when planning asset provision
  • How to determine the growth potential of your current spaces
17.45 mins viewing time

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