How to deploy sensors for maximum accuracy

Get practical guidance on how to navigate challenges when deploying sensors to ensure data gathered from occupancy or air quality sensors are accurate and reliable.

Get tips on how to ensure data gathered from sensors are accurate, reliable and robust

Deep dive on the key variables you need to factor when considering deploying occupancy or air quality sensors to gather data about your workplace, in order to maximise accuracy and reliability.

Hosted by David Thomas, this session covers

  • Choosing sensors that are best suited to a variety of spaces and challenges
  • How to navigate common challenges and mistakes to avoid
  • Tips on how to ensure sensors provide the most accurate data
  • Key benefits of deploying sensors across LoRaWan network
15 mins viewing time [full episode]

Chapters – watch the episode in bitesize

P1 – Choosing the right sensors
P2 – Deploying counter sensors
P3 – Deploying environmental sensors
P4 – Key benefits of LoRaWan network
P5 – Communications

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