How hybrid work impacts space and design

Learn how hybrid working is impacting workplace design as organisations strive to create flexible and attractive working environments.

How to leverage workplace data to optimise office space & design

In this video, explore
  • The shift in employees’ expectations and what more is needed from traditional workplace models
  • Workplace design, policy and management trends successfully introduced
  • What success looks like from a workplace perspective in the post-COVID era
  • Key metrics to measure and optimise office space
26 mins viewing time [full length]


Dan Gardner
Dan Gardner

Associate Director, Workplace Strategy – KSS Savills

<meta charset="utf-8">David Thomas
David Thomas

Business Operations – OpenSensors

Chapters – watch the episode in bitesize

P1 – Core changes to space & design
P2 – Emerging design trends
P3 – Complexities of managing space ratios
P4 – Drivers impacting choice for flexible working [1.51mins]
P5 – Success metrics
P6 – Behaviours impacting hybrid working
P7 – Pitfalls to avoid in office re-design

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