Episode 3: Sustaining hybrid work models

Hear from workplace practitioners from ARUP, 3edges and OpenSensors on the role data plays in managing and optimising hybrid workplaces, as well as the tools, processes and skills necessary.

How to leverage workplace data to optimise your workplace

In this video, explore
  • Guidance on tools and skills necessary to manage complex and fluid workplaces
  • Insights on key metrics to maintain employee wellbeing and productivity
  • Changing responsibilities and priorities of teams managing the workplace
  • Tips on how to formulate an iterative data-led methodology for change
59 mins viewing time [full episode]


Chris Moriarty
Chris Moriarty

Workplace Commentator

<meta charset="utf-8">Yodit Stanton
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder, OpenSensors

Steph Welch
Steph Welch

Head of Facilities Management, ARUP

<meta charset="utf-8">Ian Ellison
Ian Ellison


Chapters – watch the episode in bitesize

P1 – How data has evolved
P2 – Has the use of data accelerated?
P3 – The role data has played in influencing decisions [2.27mins]
P4 – What actions has data accelerated pre and post pandemic? [4.14mins]
P5 – The challenges that come with too much data
P6 – How to leverage data to tell a story
P7 – Why data methodology is the next evolution
P8 – Impacts of air quality on cognitive performance
P9 – How do you balance data requests?
P10 – The psychology of using data to tell a story
P11 – IT & Security around data collection
P12 – What is the approach to using data now?
P13 – Scenario planning and predictive analysis

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