Dispelling COVID deep cleaning myths

Dispelling COVID deep cleaning myths. Providing you guidance on what cleaning standards to achieve and maintain post COVID.

Ensuring your building is clean and safe after COVID

Do you know what cleanliness and hygiene standards you need to adhere to in the post COVID world?

Most organisations are now preparing back to work strategies to reopen office buildings, including enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices to make it safe for employees to return.

A key challenge faced by Facilities teams and building owners is knowing what level of cleaning standards are required as a result of COVID. Many suppliers are suggesting COVID deep cleaning services, yet much of their advice flies in the face of WHO and Governmental standards.

In this video, expert Christian Harris, Founder of Slip Safety Services and Decontamination Cleaning UK, joins us to bring clarity to the deep cleaning and maintenance standards required in this new era, to give you a roadmap for a reopening plan, and to break down some of the myths around COVID cleaning.

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