Using utilisation data to make space planning decisions

Get a live view of desk utilisation and occupancy rates in your workplace and automate how you gather data.

Get an accurate view of desk utilisation and occupancy rates in your office

Using workspace occupancy sensors to monitor desk utilisation data will help facility managers improve space planning and forecast how much desk space is actually needed. 

In this 60sec video, get insight on

  • Real time occupancy – Anytime access to a live view of desk occupancy throughout the office.
  • Monitor patterns – Measure occupancy data over a period of time to understand which desks are repeatedly under utilised and how you can best optimise utilisation. 
  • Compare desk utilisation – Deep dive and compare desk use by location, floor, team, day of the week or month.
  • Make smart decisions – Monitor your office building utilisation rates and make evidence based workplace changes that can potentially increase your real estate value. 
Edeman George
Edeman George

Business Operations at OpenSensors

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