Desk occupancy data on a floor plan

Discover which floor in your office has the most used or underused desk space. Use these measurements to make impactful changes to your workplace.

Use the virtual floor plan to identify which desks are utilised efficiently

Mapping out desk usage against your office floor plans gives you familiarity and visibility of what desks are mostly occupied or under used by employees. You can use this data to transition underused fixed desks to hot desks or give more desk space to departments who need it most. 

In this 60sec video, get insight on

How you can identify the utilisation rates for each desks on a specific floor in your workplace against floor plans.

  • Compare desk occupancy rates
  • Measure utilisation rates over a period of time – Understand the average and peak utilisation rates for each desk across floors, departments or location within a specific time frame and make changes accordingly. 
  • Live view occupancy – Use the detailed floor plan to quickly identify which desks are occupied or vacant in order to free up and re-allocate. 
  • Filter by desks with low utilisation rates – Identify opportunities to optimise utilisation rates and make evidence based changes to increase your real estate value. 
Edeman George
Edeman George

Business Operations at OpenSensors

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