Key metrics to determine desk utilisation rates

Identify desk utilisation and occupancy rates in your workplace with ease so you can make informed space planning decisions.

Identify the desk utilisation rates of your workplace

Occupancy sensors gather meaningful data on how organisations are utilising their current workplace. They give an accurate measurement of space utilisation in comparison to manual surveys, where human error is likely to occur. Facility management teams can:

  • Manage space better in the workplace
  • Improve occupancy and increase real estate value
  • Identify ways to drive down operational cost 

In this video we cover some of the essential metrics that will help you understand desk utilisation in your workplace. 

In this 60sec video, get insight on

  • Underused desks – Easily see how many desks are under utilised and use this as a starting point to make immediate changes.
  • Average utilisation – An overview of desk utilisation across departments in the office helps you identify opportunities to increase occupancy levels.
  • Peak utilisation – A quick way of checking the busiest period in the office, giving an exact date and time. Measuring this metric will help you efficiently manage space planning. 
  • Peak occupied – A good understanding of the amount of desks occupied out of the total number of desks available can help you make decisions on re-allocating unused desks to decrease operational costs. 
Daniel Hummelsund
Daniel Hummelsund

Business Operations Manager at OpenSensors

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