How to analyse desk utilisation by departments

Compare how departments or teams use their desk space and identify opportunities to optimise occupancy rates.

Identify where underused desks can be moved to teams who need it most

Measuring the utilisation rates for different departments in the office gives you a clear indication of how desk space is used. This data will help you with competing space demands from departments.   

In this 60sec video, get insight on

In this video we cover how you can view which department in your office utilises their desk the most and which are under utilised. 

  • Data driven decisions – Use this data to understand which departments are under utilised and make positive changes such as moving under used desk to departments with high demand.
  • Monitor the utilisation rates of departments by time of day, week or month and spot patterns of usage over a specific period of time.
  • Accurate measurement of occupancy – 24 hour access to data giving you flexibility to make instant operational change decisions.
David Attwell Thomas
David Attwell Thomas

Business Operation at OpenSensors

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