Compare desk utilisation rates

Compare desk utilisation data by team, department, floor or locations across any time, day, or month.

Get a better understanding of your desk utilisation rates across your workplace

Understand which desk are mostly used compared to those with lower usage. Use this insight to drive your workplace change strategies.   

In this video we cover key desk utilisation metrics to help you make comparisons and differentiate between floors in your building.

In this 60sec video, get insight on

  • Comparing desk utilisation – By floor, department, teams or locations lets you quickly see how your office space is really being used or unoccupied.
  • Busiest day – Understanding the busiest days across the week will improve your space planning management process.
  • Live view of current usage – Integrate this data with a desk booking tool to release desks if they are not in use.
  • Real time occupancy data – 24 hour access to data gives you flexibility to deep dive into insights on demand to forecast how much space you need. 
Daniel Hummelsund
Daniel Hummelsund

Business Operations Manager at OpenSensors

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