Creating a data driven workplace strategy

Learn how to leverage space utilisation data and get practical tips to change data into tangible solutions.

Creating data driven workplace strategies

Capturing objective space utilisation data and understanding how to leverage it, is one of the biggest challenges facility and corporate real estate teams face when it comes to capacity planning, reducing occupancy costs or transitioning to activity based working.

By capitalising the use of utilisation data, organisations can identify optimisation opportunities, validate business cases and design data driven workplace change.

Learning outcomes

  • How to balance real estate costs and productivity by automating utilisation data gathering
  • Techniques on how to translate data into actionable changes, such as customising sharing ratios or rightsizing across different types of workspaces
  • How to use objective data to inform your tactical and strategic initiatives
Yulia Pak
Yulia Pak

Workplace strategy lead at OpenSensors

Webinar presentation deck

Data driven workplace strategies.pdf

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