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A new balance between working from home and working at the office will re-shape what our office needs to look like

When businesses return to the workplace, there will be a blend of working remotely, at the office and changes in work patterns. This will make it a necessity for organisations to re-think their way of working and how the office space needs to be adapted to accommodate these changes.

The pandemic has completely changed the way we function – how we interact with others, how we work. It has also placed a number of limitations on space occupancy and movement.

Re-evaluating new ways of working

We are faced with a very important question on how we readjust and to re-evaluate the workplace now that we are gearing up to go back to the office. 

  • Cross collaboration between departments such as IT, HR, C-Suite, Facilities Management and Corporate real estate teams will be key
  • Gathering utilisation data and employee survey is fundamental to understand the needs of employees and the way work has changed

In this video, Louis Lhoest, Managing partner of Veldhoen + Company International share insights and key considerations on preparing your next step as the workplace evolves.

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Louis Lhoest
Louis Lhoest

Managing Partner of Veldhoen + Company International

Maya Misikir
Maya Misikir


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