Category: Workplace optimization

Use data at the forefront of your workplace change project and make impactful decisions that will increase workplace optimisation.

Episode 2: Making hybrid work a reality

Hear from workplace experts at Nationwide and CIMA & AICPA on how they are making hybrid work a reality. Learn what challenges will arise and how to resolve these.

Episode 1: The rise of hybrid work

Hear from workplace experts at Savills, PTHR and Workplace Strategist Chris Kane, on key factors driving the rise of hybrid work models, and what this means for businesses.

How the workplace will evolve

Explore key findings from our Return to work survey and see what impacts the pandemic has had on the future of work and the implications for businesses.

Phases of return to work

Here are the phases businesses have gone through in returning employees to the office, with a focus on the challenges encountered and emerging solutions.