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Enabling organisations to understand the usage of building space, desks, meeting rooms, shared workspaces and environmental conditions.

Learn more on how we’ve enabled customers to understand the utilisation of their buildings, desks, meeting rooms, shared workspaces and the health of buildings, in order to design and manage complex office environments.

Health insurance
Minimising building and real estate costs

Learn how we helped this customer lower overhead cost and optimise their office space with our utilisation software.

Balancing how much office space is needed

Find out how we helped this organisation understand their average utilisation level and reduce lease cost.

Financial Services
Understanding how workspaces are utilised

Here’s how this customer leveraged our utilisation software to fully transition to agile working.

Optimising underutilised workspaces

Learn how this customer improved space planning operations by better understanding how employees are utilising office space.

Perfumery & Fragrance
Improving person to desk ratio

Here’s how this customer leveraged our utilisation software to maximise the use of existing space and grow headcount by 20%.

“I now have the information I need to make important decisions, such as whether to hire more staff, extend our offices to another floor or rent more space”.

Senior Facilities Manager – Perfumery & Fragrance

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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