Breaking down desk utilisation

Strengthen your understanding of space utilisation data and how to identify opportunities to optimise workspaces.

Do you know what your average desk utilisation rate is?

Office costs are in excess of £20bnper year in the UK, yet nearly half the space is unused at any point in time during the day, according to Baker Stuart. The average peak utilisation rate is 55% and most organisations rarely go above this.

With buildings contributing to 39% of the world’s CO2 emissions and a greater focus on employee productivity, space utilisation initiatives will become game changers for Facilities and Real estate teams.

From understanding the busiest days of the week to repeatedly underused desk space, will help improve your space planning management process as well as make informed decisions on real estate investment.

In this video we cover what desk occupancy is relevant and use cases for each as well as demonstrate what kind of changes you can make to increase your desk utilisation rates.

Learning outcomes

  • Strengthen your understanding of space utilisation data
  • Understand how to compare data by floors or departments across building locations
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to optimise desk utilisation
  • Explore how to use desk utilisation data to make space planning  decisions
David Attwell Thomas
David Attwell Thomas

Business Operations at OpenSensors

Webinar presentation deck

Breaking down desk utilisation data.pdf

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