4 ways to use data to inform hybrid working

Gain practical insights on how occupancy, booking and environmental data is fundamental to introducing and managing hybrid work environments.

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Ensuring that workplaces are ready to welcome employees back to work requires tight controls on capacity and systems which can flex to meet changing demands.

Limitations on capacity will require organisations to adopt remote work into their workplace strategy and shift to hybrid environments.

Introducing booking systems to enable employees to navigate this framework and occupancy solutions that ensure workplaces are fit for purpose, are vital changes to guarantee the success of office re-openings.

Employee health and safety is priority #1

Our understanding of viral transmission within corporate settings has increased greatly over the course of the pandemic and monitoring the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of workplaces to ensure that they remain safe is of upmost importance.

In this video, Yodit Stanton shares insights on how to leverage occupancy, booking and environmental data in conjunction to overcome the challenges HR, Facilities and Senior Leadership teams will face as they introduce hybrid working environments.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role occupancy and environmental data play in creating a safe workplace 
  • Explore how to leverage occupancy data to make evidence based decisions in your real estate strategy
  • Learn how space booking systems will enhance employee UX in a hybrid work environment
  • Gain practical insights on how occupancy data assists with creating a fit for purpose workplace
  • Learn how to forecast and allocate space by gathering occupancy data

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Yodit Stanton
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors

David Attwell Thomas
David Attwell Thomas

Business Operations at OpenSensors

Webinar presentation deck

4 ways to use space booking and occupancy data to inform hybrid working

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