4 ways to manage asset and space allocation in the hybrid era

Learn what key tools you need to create a data led workplace. Get practical tips to turn data into tangible initiatives to optimise employee office experience.

Ensure employees have access to the spaces they require to work effectively.

Employees working in a flexible or hybrid environment can be negatively impacted if they are unable to find and reserve workspaces they need to work effectively. This requires the accurate and appropriate provision of spaces and the introduction of tools necessary to access them.

The shift away from traditional 1:1 working environments places new strain on the workplace as employees compete for limited resources.

Watch to learn:

  • Why a modern booking tool is essential to manage fluctuating occupancy levels
  • How to interpret and define mobility profiles with data
  • Understand how much real estate space you really need
  • Steps to future proof your workplace
17.45 mins viewing time

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