3 key technical designs to create Smarter Workspaces

Explore 3 critical technical considerations, from workplace sensors to the ideal network to future proof smart building designs.

Transform your office into a digital workspace

The workplace is continuously evolving with changes being made yearly to office layouts. It’s important that businesses should not only adopt but also adapt to new working environments in order to future proof their workplace.

Gathering occupancy data with sensors is an effective way for Facilities teams to determine how workspaces are being used, allows them to spot trends and forecast how much space is really needed.

With data accessible anytime and anywhere, Facilities and Real estate teams have the flexibility to view space usage 24/7, make evidence based workplace changes and influence decision making at c-suite level.

In this video, we deep dive into three key elements that can encourage this change, specifically sensor technology and how it will benefit organisations to optimise their workspace usage.

Learning outcomes

  • Strengthen your understanding of workspace utilisation technology
  • Understand the types of occupancy sensors available
  • Understand the ideal network required and pitfalls of others
  • Have practical guidance on how to mitigate risks during the deployment of sensors
<strong>Yodit Stanton</strong>
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors

<strong>Lawrence Griffiths</strong>
Lawrence Griffiths

Solutions Architect

<strong>Kevin Mugadza</strong>
Kevin Mugadza

Service Delivery Manager

Webinar presentation deck

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