3 key metrics to measure workplace data

Explore the key metrics you need to measure space utilization and occupancy to bench mark success.

Metrics you need to know to measure space utilisation

Technology and the increasing need for data is changing the real estate industry, both from an investment and management point of view. Using data enables more accurate planning, better control over budgets and costs as well as benchmark success. 

Occupancy data using sensors gives deeper insights into patterns of how the workforce uses its space. Sensors have been shown to measure space utilisation rates much more accurately and efficiently, giving facility management teams flexibility to:

  • Better manage space capacity with a growing workforce
  • Maximise building occupancy and prove value to the business
  • Find smarter ways to lower resource and operational costs
  • Demonstrate return on investment
  • Understand the impacts of environmental factors to wellness

In this 3min video, get insight on

  • Average utilisation
  • Occupancy distribution
  • Person to desk ratio
<strong>Yodit Stanton</strong>
Yodit Stanton

CEO & Founder at OpenSensors

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